To reorder content variants within your campaign layout simply hover over the content block you wish to reorder. An arrow icon will appear in the upper left-hand corner indicating that you can now move that section.

Click and hold the variant and using your mouse’s scroll wheel scroll up or down within the campaign layout. A blue bar will appear in between content variant blocks indicating where you may place the variant you are reordering.

Inability to Reorder Variants

Due to a recent update to the Mailchimp interface, you may experience some refresh issues related to the ordering of content variant blocks. In the event you are unable to reorder a particular variant or variants Mailchimp recommends saving and exiting the campaign to “refresh” the variant blocks. Once you re-enter the campaign the blocks will reorder without issue.

Mailchimp is aware of this issue and is working on their end to rectify it. Below is Mailchimp’s official stance on this issue.

…That said, I was able to pass this along to our developers. We have seen similar behavior intermittently for a while now, and this can be a quirk of how we are loading custom coded templates that we could address on our end. In the meantime, refreshing the page, or save and exit the campaign, then return would be the workflow I would recommend.

Mailchimp Support