Optional, hideable preheader/preview text

Toggle the editable preheader text on or off depending on your campaign requirements.

Optional, hideable call to actions

Toggle the editable call to actions on or off depending on your campaign requirements.

Individual editing tools for each content variant

Individual editing tools for each variant allow you to customize each individual component of your campaign down to the background color, font style, size, color, weight, line height, capitalization, letter-spacing, and more.

Quickly and easily add new or switch between content variants

Drop down toolbars allow you to quickly and easily add new, remove, or switch between any of the custom content variants included in your Mailchimp template.

Easy to edit background imagery

We make it easy to add gorgeous campaign enhancing background imagery to your campaigns.

Drag and drop variants to reorder

Your campaign, your way. Every time.

Flexible ‘bulleted’ content

Ability to include as many, or as few, ‘bulleted’ content points as needed.

Mobile styling toolbar for further customization

Tweak your variant styling in mobile environments.

Built in required footer content

Merge tags ensure that required footer content is always up to date.