Review our general policies as they apply to trademarks, intellectual property issues, cancellation of projects, client privacy, payments, refunds, and other legal issues.


Client is responsible for any copyright or trademark issues related to the creation and use of project files by customer. Customer shall be solely responsible for any trademark or copyright searches pertaining to the project unless otherwise contracted for in the project specifications. Designers will not knowingly copy other rightfully trademarked or copyrighted material.


Designers are retained as independent contractors. Designers are fully responsible for payment of their own income taxes on all compensation earned. Client’s agree that they will not withhold or pay any income, social security tax, or any other payroll taxes on designers’ behalf. Designers understand that they are not entitled to any fringe benefits that the client may provide for its employees including but without limitation worker’s compensation or unemployment insurance.


In the event your project is placed on hold and reactivated in excess of two (2) times, or any delay exceeding 90 days in responding to developers request for information or review/approval of proofs, Blueprint Media Studios will have the option of terminating this agreement, and invoicing you for the amount of any advance package payment paid to date. Any renewal of this project after termination will require a new agreement, fee schedule, and upfront payment.

If, prior to completion of the project, the client observes any non-conformance with the design plan, the designer must be promptly notified, allowing for necessary corrections. Due to the nature of this project and the time commitments and resource allocation required cancellation during its execution will result in a forfeiture of all monies received and for all additional labor or expenses billed to date.


Any delay in the completion of the project due to actions or negligence of client, unusual transportation delays, failure to provide timely feedback or responses, unforeseen illness, or external forces beyond the control of the designer, shall entitle the designer to extend the completion/delivery date, upon notifying the client, by the time equivalent to the period of such delay and/or place the project on hold status following 14 consecutive days without communication from the client. Any alteration or deviation from the proposed quotation and design specifications involving extra costs will be executed only upon approval with the client.

Projects are automatically placed on hold status following a 14 day period without client communication or feedback. If your project is placed on hold, either at your request or by our agency, simply contact our office via email or phone and let us know. We’ll reactivate your project and schedule an anticipated re-start date for your project based on our current production schedule.

Projects may be placed on hold and reactivated two (2) times, with a maximum hold period of 90 days. Projects reactivated after 90 days will be subject to a $150 project reactivation fee.


Rush orders for all design services are subject to a surcharge of an additional 50% of the total design fee. Your rush project will receive priority over our current project lineup. We DO NOT offer rush priority services for printing. If a rush design service is purchased, it must be canceled in writing via email with a time stamp from your email provider included within 60 minutes of purchase. If the Rush design services is not canceled within 60 minutes the cost of the design will be refunded, however the 50% rush surcharge will NOT BE REFUNDED.


Each web site design created by Blueprint Media Studios LLC includes a credit to the designer in the footer of each page. These credits must stay intact and the link must be active (clickable) and linked to the Blueprint Media Studios LLC web site.

You may not alter, change or use the graphics or products purchased as part of your design project from Blueprint Media Studios LLC. You may not disassemble or reuse portions of our designs to create a new design. Copyright remains with the original creator of the design and you are legally bound by these terms and conditions. Your use of this site and purchase of a Blueprint Media Studios LLC creation signifies your agreement to these terms and conditions, whether you opted to read them or not.


Except for client’s proprietary material contained in the project, designers shall hold all right, title, and interests in all original artwork, whether in draft, mock-up, concept, or final development for the project. Specifically, but without limitation, designers shall hold all right, title, and interest in and to (1) all text, graphics or digital components of the project (the “content”), (2) all layouts, logo, structures, or arrangements or other components of any materials presented to client that comprises the project, (3) all literal and non-literal expressions of ideas that operate, cause, create, direct, manipulate, access, or otherwise affect the content, and (4) all copyrights, patents, trade secrets, and other intellectual or industrial property rights in the project or any component or characteristic thereof. Client shall not do anything that may infringe upon or in any way undermine designers’ right, title and interest in the project, as described in this paragraph.


Accounts not paid within terms are subject to a 1% monthly finance charge. Any account that is 5 days past due will be suspended until payment has been received.


Unfounded charge backs issued against Blueprint Media Studios LLC and/or its designers are subject to a charge back processing fee of $50.00 (USD) for each credit/debit card charged back related to the services provided by Blueprint Media Studios LLC. The customer understands, acknowledges, and agrees that unless payment in full, by certified check or money order, including both the original invoice amount due plus charge back fee, is received within ten (10) days of invoice an additional collections processing fee in the amount of $50.00 (USD) will be added to the account balance for each credit/debit card charge back related to the services provided by Blueprint Media Studios LLC.


Under Colorado law we are entitled to charge a bad check fee of $20.00 for each check or electronic check that is returned to us for non sufficient funds. No product or service will be processed until checks have been cleared. If paying by check please add 2 weeks additional processing time.


Delinquent accounts will be subject to but not limited to the removal of the delinquent accounts  web site from our servers, refusal to supply or upload finished design files, and the immediate delay of any current project(s) in any process of creation ordered by the delinquent account holder. Blueprint Media Studios LLC will not be held liable for damages or consequences of any kind due to the delay of any project when the resulting delay is due to a delinquent account.

Delinquent accounts are placed with MAD Collection Agency, LLC in Swanzey, New Hampshire. Once your account has been placed in collections payment arrangements can no longer be made with Blueprint Media Studios, and must be made with the MAD Agency at (888) 296-0028. Blueprint Media Studios LLC adheres to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and any applicable state collections laws very closely.