With our modern, on the go approach to project management you can rest assured that wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, as long as you have internet access, your project management capabilities are only a click, call, or email away.

We take our responsibilities to our clients seriously, and the security and reliability of the software, systems, and data that we employ are our top priority.

You won’t need to create any accounts, sign into anything, buy into any system, or install any apps. Instead, you’ll manage your project entirely via email and your project dashboard, the way you are currently used to handling your communications, with no requirement to learn a new system!

Taiga Company

Wonderful collaboration and easy process flow from concept to design.

We are so impressed by the quality of your service and true professionalism. Thank you for providing wonderful work!

On top of being reliable and producing great work product, [they] really know and understand the Mailchimp platform and can provide invaluable advice about how to maximize the return on your email marketing efforts.

…Using [their online project management system] to outline their whole process you never really have questions about what is left to be done or what the status of the project is.

Think our agency is a good fit for your project?


Phase I, Consultation

During the initial consultation phase our design team will work with you to understand the depth, breathe, and scope of your project. Depending on the nature of your project you may be asked to complete a questionnaire tailored towards the service(s) you have commissioned or are requesting an estimate on. These questionnaires are designed to help us better understand your company and its’ specific needs.

Phase II, Inspiration

Now comes the fun part!

During the inspiration phase our team works to develop an overall mood or theme for your project and creates an inspiration board that consists of an array of font styles, color schemes, fabric swatches, layouts, magazine cuts outs, and anything else that inspires us when it comes to your project.

Phase III, Collaboration

During the collaboration phase our inspiration begins to take on a life of its own – being shaped and molded into the fine piece of art that will become your project. Our team will work to create a set of design mock ups or rough sketches that will serve as a proverbial jumping off point for your project. Theses mock ups or sketches will be provided to you for review and feedback. Based on your feedback we’ll work with you to complete revisions needed, if any, to ensure the final result is exactly what you are looking for.

Phase IV, Construction

During the construction phase our team works diligently to turn your finalized mock ups and sketches into its’ final output form whatever it may be from a fully functional eCommerce web site to a print ready magazine ad or email marketing template.

Phase V, Implementation

At this stage in your project, we’re ready to implement our work. Implementation covers a wide array of activities from simple artwork delivery via our project management system to the launching of your website, Facebook fan page, or Mailchimp template installation. The implementation activities specific to your project can be found in the project agreement and/or in your invoice or estimate details.


Our process makes it a snap to provide feedback on your project. Simply click anywhere on your design and provide feedback accordingly. It’s that easy!