Revamped Project Planner with (Helpful) Supplement Guides

With the recent release of the new Mailchimp, we decided it was time to revamp our Mailchimp Project Planner, a quick guide to getting started. But we didn’t stop there! We decided to re-release the project planner with a host of helpful supplements that cover topics like the Expert Exchange Program, variant selectors, and our new template quick start guide (with screenshots!).

Our new project planner and supplements are great tools to help you get the most out of Mailchimp and working with our agency. The new guides are available for download at checkout for new projects and for those clients who place their order via phone or email they can be found in your project workspace within Basecamp.

mailchimp-project-plannerThe project planner and supplements cover

  • Getting Started
  • The Expert Exchange or EEP! Program
  • Navigating Basecamp
  • Granting Account Access
  • Layout Guidelines
  • Variant Selectors
  • Merge Tags
  • and our Template Quick Start Guide

for a total of 8 documents in all!

If you have ideas on additional supplements you’d like to see drop us a line in the comments section; we’d love to hear from you!