up to 10 content variants/blocks + advanced list setup and form customization

Gorilla Marketer Package

The Caviar of Mailchimp packages, if monkeys liked caviar. The Gorilla Marketer package, as its name implies, is the correlation of all our Mailchimp expertise combined. Access to a wealth of Mailchimp knowledge will be bestowed on those that chooseth this path, err package. Actually, we’ll just kick monkey butt and you’ll get an awesome email marketing brand that you and your company can be proud of.

The Gorilla Marketer package also includes advanced list setup and form customization for a truly customized email marketing experience your subscribers will love.

Please note that a paid Mailchimp plan is required to access the advanced forms feature in your Mailchimp account.

You’ll receive immediate access to our Mailchimp project launch info as well as to our adaptive, online Mailchimp questionnaire geared towards your package purchase. Within 24 hours (excluding holidays and weekends) you’ll receive an email with a link to your project dashboard. You’ll want to bookmark your dashboard for easy, and frequent, future reference.

Gain access to your project documentation immediately upon checkout including our


The info, in PDF format, is available for download at checkout for new projects and for those clients who place their order via phone or email it can be found in your project dashboard.


Ready to go and don’t want to wait for your dashboard access email? Get a head start and fill out our online Mailchimp questionnaire immediately. If you are new to Mailchimp we recommend waiting for access to your dashboard as it contains links to information and resources you may find helpful in completing your questionnaire if you are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of Mailchimp and/or email marketing.

What’s Included

The Gorilla Marketer Mailchimp package includes

Single Custom Email Template Design

One design plus two rounds of revisions. Up to ten (10) variable content blocks included within a single content structure. Additional variable content blocks and multiple variable layouts available for an additional cost.

Mailchimp Template Language Integration

Adjust colors, fonts, and more without breaking the layout and without having to mess with your code.

Mailchimp Mobile Language Integration

You’ll see a new “Mobile Styles” tab in the Mailchimp editor allowing you to update your email’s mobile styling on the fly without having to mess with the code.

Mailchimp Variant Selector Language Integration

Variant selectors let you switch between any number of different content structures (blocks of HTML) within your Mailchimp templates giving you unlimited flexibility when creating campaigns.

Mailchimp Merge Tag Language Integration

Integration of standard and custom merge tags. Merge tags allow you to dynamically add content to your email. Include something as simple as a subscriber’s first name, add social links, or, if you’re feeling gutsy, create an entire campaign using nothing but merge tags.

Advanced Mailchimp Hosted Forms Customization

Totally customize the look and feel of your entire sign up, unsubscribe, and list management process for your Mailchimp managed list.

Advanced Testing of Your Template

A comprehensive preflight check for every template in more than 40 email clients with focus on the top ten, powered by Litmus.

Project Management

Collaborate on and oversee your project every step of the way, wherever you are.

Expert Advice and Tips

Knowledgeable advice and tips from Mailchimp experts.

Online Template Guide Access

Access to our online Mailchimp template user guide complete with step by step how tos, documentation, and imagery.

Template Upload

Upload of template and files to your (or your client’s) Mailchimp account (Mailchimp account permission required).


Our Gorilla Marketer package is just


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