Our templates aren’t just flexible, they’re expandable!

Looking to expand, or build upon, your existing Mailchimp template from Blueprint Media Studios?

With additional content variant blocks, you can mix and match your current and newly designed content blocks to create the perfect backdrop for your campaign’s message.

Simply let us know what type of new variant content blocks you’d like to incorporate into your existing Mailchimp template. We’ll provide a mockup of the newly requested variants for your review. Up to two (2) rounds of revisions are included. Once you’ve approved the new variant(s) they’ll be coded into your existing Mailchimp template.

Please note that newly created template sections will take on the styling and characteristics of the original master template. For example, if the template was coded with CSS styling and scalable (mobile-friendly) integration the newly created content blocks will follow suit. If the original template was responsive with bulletproofing, the same will hold true for the newly created content variants.

What’s Included

Our variant creation services include

Design and implementation of a new variant content block or blocks that can be used in conjunction with any of the existing content variants found in the client’s custom advanced Mailchimp template. Includes mock-up of variant(s), two (2) rounds of revisions, coding into existing Mailchimp template, and testing in 40+ email clients.

Adjust colors, fonts, and more without breaking the layout and without having to mess with your code.

Variant selectors let you switch between any number of different content structures (blocks of HTML) within your Mailchimp templates giving you unlimited flexibility when creating campaigns.

Integration of standard and custom merge tags. Merge tags allow you to dynamically add content to your email. Include something as simple as a subscriber’s first name, add social links, or, if you’re feeling gutsy, create an entire campaign using nothing but merge tags.

A comprehensive preflight check for every template in 100+ popular email clients with a focus on the top ten, powered by Litmus.

Knowledgeable advice and tips from Mailchimp experts.

Access to our online Mailchimp template user guide complete with step by step how-tos, documentation, and imagery.

Upload of template and files to your (or your client’s) Mailchimp account (Mailchimp account permission required).


Includes design, two (2) rounds of revisions, and coding into existing master template.


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