Mailchimp’s Expert Exchange Program (EEP!)

As a new Mailchimp customer you can get as much help as you need through Mailchimp’s Expert Exchange Program (EEP!) and they’ll even help pay for it.

As a participating Mailchimp Expert, Blueprint Media Studios proudly participates in the Expert Exchange Program and will gladly work with you to obtain reimbursement for your project fees.

You can visit the EEP Program page on Mailchimp’s website that outlines the Expert Exchange Program and participation requirements to learn more.

We make it super easy to participate. Simply check the box in your Mailchimp questionnaire that pertains to participation in the EEP! program. We’ll forward a copy of your paid invoice(s) to Mailchimp for reimbursement upon completion of your project. Additionally, you can also enroll at any time by using our handy EEP! enrollment form.

Mailchimp will take up to 50% off your monthly bill for up to six months, or until they’ve reimbursed you for half the cost of your project; whichever comes first.

Ready to enroll? Enroll in the Expert Exchange Program (EEP!)