Mailchimp Signup Forms and Response Emails

When you create a list in Mailchimp, Mailchimp automatically generates a default set of forms, emails, and pages for your new list that guide subscribers through subscription and related processes.

This includes

  • Signup form
  • Signup “thank you” page
  • Opt-in confirmation email
  • Confirmation “thank you” page
  • Final “welcome” email
  • Unsubscribe form
  • Unsubscribe success page
  • “Goodbye” email
  • Profile update email
  • Update profile form
  • Update profile “thank you” page
  • Forward to a friend form
  • and more

Standard vs. Advanced Customization


The standard list customization options in Mailchimp are somewhat limited. You can select from colors, styles, and basic fonts available in the editor. With standard list customization and styling design changes made to one document are inherited by all other forms, emails, and pages for the list.

Pros & Cons of Standard List Styling/Customization

  • Easy to implement

  • Lower setup cost

  • Paid Mailchimp account not required

  • Limited styling customization (limited to rounded corners, certain fonts styles, layout, etc.)

  • Limited content editing abilities


Paid account holders have access to an advanced mode for creating and editing Mailchimp’s hosted signup forms and response emails. This is an advanced feature and is recommended for users familiar with custom coding (or those with a Mailchimp Expert). You can also set up meta redirects to send users to a custom thank you page on your website.

Pros & Cons of Advanced List Styling/Customization

  • Full edibility with HTML allows greater flexibility and customization

  • Create unique looks across your forms, emails, and pages

  • Paid Mailchimp account required

  • Greater start up cost

A Visual Representation