Granting access using Mailchimp Account Permissions


To grant “author” permission to our agency using your Mailchimp Account first log in to your Mailchimp Account.

Using the navigation at the top navigate to Account → Users & Accounts Details. From here you can invite people to join your account, change the account name, and turn on AlterEgo (Mailchimp’s free two-factor authentication security service).
Clicking the “Invite A User” button will prompt you to enter the email address of the Mailchimp account holder you wish to grant access to (as well as the level of access).

To grant access to Blueprint Media Studios please enter when prompted, granting us at the minimum author access to your account giving us the ability to create/edit campaigns, templates, and autoresponders, but not to send them.

Depending on the level of assistance required you may need to grant us “manager” or “admin” access. When you invite a user, they’ll receive an email inviting them to join your account.

To watch a short video from Mailchimp on granting account access and how it works click the play button below.