Editing Hard Coded Social Media (and other) Links in your Mailchimp Template

Editing Hard Coded Links in Mailchimp

When we create your template if we have access to your web site containing your social media links or you have provided them to us via Basecamp we’ll go ahead and link your icons to their respective profiles. But if we didn’t have access to this information at the time your template was coded you may need to update the social media links yourself.

Below is a brief walkthrough on how to do just that.

From the Mailchimp dashboard navigate to the My Templates area of your account. Hover over the template you wish to edit and click the edit layout link that appears.

You’ll notice the template editor works very similar to the campaign editor. Changing the links in your master template file versus the campaign editor prevents you from having to manually update your social media links each time you send a campaign. Any changes made to the master template will be reflected in your campaigns going forward.

  1. To edit the link for an image such as a social media icon hover over the image and click the edit button that appears. The File Manager window will appear with the default action being to upload a new image. Since our image has already been uploaded we’re going to navigate to the Images area using the File Manager navigation that appears along the left-hand side of the window.
  2. Locate the image you are editing in the gallery and select it using the button that appears when you hover over the image in the gallery.
  3. The next screen will display the Image Properties where you can edit the properties for your image including the Alt Text and URL.

Once you’ve updated the image properties click the Save & Insert Image button to update the image properties.

Repeat the process as needed for additional images or icons in your template. Make sure to save your template changes once you’ve finished. Going forward all campaigns created using your template will reflect the updated image properties.