Don’t panic! You always start with a single content block when creating a campaign

When you create a new campaign using your template you’ll always begin with a single content block or variant, the first one specified in your template. Hovering over the content block will allow you to change its styling using the variant drop down menu to any of the preset styles hard coded into your template.

The Low Down On Variant Selectors

If you are familiar with MailChimp or had your template designed and/or coded by our agency chances are you’ve already encountered variant selectors. Variant selectors allow you to switch between any number of different content structures or layouts (blocks of HTML) within your template allowing you to create amazingly flexible campaigns utilizing only the content blocks you need and in any order you like. Fancy right?

There are no limits to the number of variants or content blocks your template can contain and you can mix and match them when drafting your campaign to achieve the exact layout you’re looking for. Every time.

If you’re new to Mailchimp and you’ve never worked with variant selectors it can be a bit tricky at first so here are a few tips on getting started.