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Tulipop MailChimp Template Design (Curious Chimp)

with Mobile Friendly Integration

Please provide feedback by Friday, June 22nd

If your feedback is not received by this date your project will be placed on hold due to wait time of greater than two (2) weeks.

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Below is the initial concept design for your template along with an additional overlay file that maps out the functionality of your template framework including hideable and repeatable content blocks as well as merge tag locations.

The preheader, header and footer areas are static however the variant content blocks in between (numbered in the overlay file) can be added in any order, as many times as needed, (or not at all) allowing you unlimited flexibility when creating campaigns.

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Your Template Files

Whoa, looks like we’re not quite ready yet. But when we are, your template files will be available for download below.

  • .txt

    An HTML version of your template with MailChimp hosted imagery in a text format.

  • .html

    An HTML version of your template with MailChimp hosted imagery.

  • .zip

    A zipped archive of your (unhosted) template files including HTML and imagery files.

What should I do with these files?

You’ll want to download your template files and keep them in a secure, but easy to access, location. In the event you need to restore your MailChimp template in the future you’ll need these files in order to do so.