Commitment to the Environment

Our on site mini urban eco-farm circa 2010 planting season

Blueprint Media Studios LLC greatly cares about the planet and strives to minimize the impact of the company’s activities on the environment as a whole. Businesses and consumers today can choose from a wide range of high quality products that are equal in performance to traditional products, but can result in lower waste, fewer chemicals, lower energy use, and less material use.

At Blueprint Media Studios we go for the greener options when purchasing products and materials for our office. From printing on post-consumer recycled content (PCR) paper to switching from incandescent bulbs to energy efficient compact fluorescents to packaging our products with recycled materials we believe in making more personal decisions with the environment in mind.

If more people go for the green option in their daily worklife, the positive benefits will multiply. Help increase awareness by spreading the word to your colleagues, teams, bosses, suppliers, and customers. It all adds up!

Reducing Waste and Recycling

A key strategy in reducing our business’ carbon footprint has been through our reduction in waste and increase in recycling. As a primarily online based company we are able to provide our clients with a high level of customer service and work while producing little to no paper. Virtually everything in our office is done digitally from project and customer management to agreements, estimates, and invoices.

Our network of online systems allow our clients to manage their projects while reducing our overall waste production significantly. But inevitably we do create some waste in our business production stream. We’ve partnered with client and local recycling cooperative WE RECYCLE to recycle paper, plastic, cardboard, aluminum, glass, and a wide variety of other materials stemming from our business activities. We pride ourselves on producing little to no trash from our day to day business activities.

Energy Management

We also practice smart energy usage taking advantage of peak daylight hours and solar passive heating and cooling for our office space. Our office hours allow us to take advantage of peak daylight hours eliminating the need for both electrical lighting and heating/cooling during sunny days, which run on average about 300 days a year here in Southern Colorado. For those times when artificial lighting is needed we employ only high-efficiency compact fluorescent bulbs in our lighting fixtures. And for those hot dog days of summer and bitterly cold winter days we power up our programmable thermostat ensuring our office uses the minimal amount of heating or cooling necessary.

Each of our office computers is Energy Star certified using less power overall. In addition each of our office computers is equipped with Edison, an energy management software that you can download and install on your system to control the amount of energy used during peak (working) and non-peak (not working) hours. We also ensure that all systems are powered down each evening, including power towers and battery backups, to prevent vampire energy loss during non business hours.

Emissions Reductions

In our quest to further reduce our carbon footprint Blueprint Media Studios has partnered with TerraPass to sponsor clean energy and carbon reduction projects that result in a verified, measurable reduction in carbon emissions. Over the last four years Blueprint Media Studios has offset 10 metric tons of C02 through the purchase of TerraPass clean energy credits.

We invite you to visit our TerraPass partner page to learn more about the projects that Blueprint Media Studios LLC and TerraPass support and to find out how your organization can balance its carbon emissions.

Green Office Supplies

By digitizing data – from invoices to correspondence to email – we’ve reduced our overall paper usage by 95%. We also employ software on each of our office computers that eliminates wasteful pages in printouts further reducing our paper waste. All faxing, inbound and out, is done digitally in PDF format allowing our staff to send and receive documents without ever touching a single sheet of paper. When purchasing office supplies for our agency we also choose recycled paper products over the alternative.

Green Human Resources

Human power is big around here. Our staff utilize mountain bicycles to run local business errands from checking the post office box to purchasing office supplies to returning borrowed library materials. Furthermore none of our staff members commute to the office via car or public transportation making our transportation footprint as a business virtually non-existent.

Green Transportation and Shipping

Sometimes our clients need things fast, really fast, like overnight fast. And rather then pay for expensive overnight delivery (sorry UPS man and oil company big wigs) we utilize YouSendIt. YouSendIt is faster than overnight delivery, easier than FTP, is always available without IT or Helpdesk involvement, and is environmentally sensitive. No mileage required.

For those times when we do have to send or receive physical packages we make sure to recycle materials. Those materials not able to be recycled including packing peanuts are shared with other local businesses and individuals in need of packing materials at no cost.

Green Marketing and Communications

We rarely send out direct mail communications to our clients preferring to utilize digital delivery of information via our web site, blog, email newsletter, or social media profiles.

Green Purchasing

Here at Blueprint Media Studios LLC we utilize recycled content, biodegradable, or recyclable products, and materials everywhere we can. We also strive to buy locally when purchasing products for our business preferring to keep our money in our local economy while supporting other local businesses like ourselves. We also carefully select vendors that have environmental policies and initiatives in place that closely align with our own.

Green Scaping

In addition to our business initiatives to go green we also house an on site mini urban eco-farm providing our employees with a lush landscape of delicious edibles that they help to plan, plant, tend to, and eat each year. We grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and even compost our organic waste and materials. Our eco-farm provides an ideal outdoor space for our employees to enjoy.

After all we believe some of the best ideas are inspired by nature.