MailChimp’s Expert Exchange Program (EEP!)

As a new MailChimp customer you can get as much help as you need through MailChimp’s Expert Exchange Program (EEP!) and they’ll even help pay for it.

As a participating MailChimp [Read more...]

What Makes Us MailChimp Experts?

We’re proud to say we’re one of the few original MailChimp Experts and we’ve been helping MailChimp clients succeed in their email marketing endeavors using MailChimp for over four years and counting. We’ve helped dozens [Read more...]

Returning Completed Documentation

During the design process our agency may request that you review, complete, sign, and/or return certain documents, agreements, or proposals to acknowledge your acceptance of and agreement with the terms set forth [Read more...]

What is the Client Center?

The Client Center serves as a convenient launch pad to access key areas of our site with a single click.

These key areas include our secure online billing system (where you can review, approve, and pay estimates and invoices), our project management system, [Read more...]

Choosing A Preferred Payment Processor

Our secure online billing system provides the flexibility our clients require in payment methods.

When logging in to your FreshBooks account you will be given the opportunity to select your preferred payment processor when paying your invoice. Upon completion [Read more...]

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