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Scalable versus Responsive (Mobile Friendly) Integration

Due to increasing demand for mobile integration services we have responded by adding an additional mobile option, responsive integration. Below we break down the differences (and pros and cons) between the two mobile options.   A scalable (or mobile friendly) email layout is readable and clickable no matter what size environment it is being read on. There…

Editing Hard Coded Social Media (and other) Links in your MailChimp Template

Editing Hard Coded Links in MailChimp

When we create your template if we have access to your web site containing your social media links or you have provided them to us via Basecamp we’ll go ahead and link your icons to their respective profiles. But if we didn’t have access to this information at the time your template was coded you may need to update the social media links yourself.


Uploading your Template ZIP File to MailChimp


Upon completion of your project our team will install your template to your MailChimp account, provided you’ve granted us access, allowing you to get going with your template quickly. We also provide you with a zip file version of your template in the event you ever need to restore your template for any reason (or if you’d rather handle upload of the template yourself).


Formatting your Custom RSS Feed(s) for MailChimp


Using MailChimp’s powerful set of merge tags for RSS feeds allows you to apply your brand’s custom styling to your RSS integrated content making it easier than ever before to automate your email marketing efforts. There are however a few guidelines your layout should fall within in order to ensure proper import and styling of your feed content.


Scaling Images Proportionally on Mobile Devices using MailChimp


If your MailChimp template includes mobile integration allowing your email to scale automatically based on the device it’s being viewed on you may have noticed an issue pertaining to the height of your scaled images. Mainly disproportionate scaling of your image resulting in a too tall height in relation to the scaled down width.


Working with Variant Selectors in MailChimp

If you are familiar with MailChimp or had your template designed and/or coded by our agency chances are you’ve already encountered variant selectors. Variant selectors allow you to switch between any number of different content structures or layouts (blocks of HTML) within your template allowing you to create amazingly flexible campaigns utilizing only the content blocks you…

Guide to Creating Custom MailChimp Email Layouts (For Designers)


Sometimes we work with other design agencies or companies that have in house designers that already have a template design but require assistance converting it to a MailChimp compatible format.

That’s where we come in.

We introduced the Orangutag package which is designed to be a tag team effort between our agency and yours. You supply your MailChimp ready artwork and we code your design into a MaiChimp compatible template complete with all the bells and whistles. We can make modules repeatable, hideable, editable, and more.

Although we freely share this document on our web site (in PDF format) and as a download for Orangutag package purchasers the information is worth repeating.